2020 ~ 2021 NEW YEAR'S


Dear readers, welcome to my humble blog, where I share snippets of my life's adventures and reflections. As we bid farewell to an eventful year and step into the unknown of 2021, please join me in revisiting the moments that made the New Year's celebration a time of self-discovery, gratitude, and anticipation.


2020 was filled with unexpected twists and turns, some of which tested our resilience and others that pushed us to new heights. One such twist was a fender-bender car accident with a kei truck that reminded me of life's fragile nature. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the incident left me with a renewed appreciation for the preciousness of every moment.

Amidst the ups and downs, there were shining moments that left a mark on my heart. Being recognized as a cool creative in GQ South Africa's magazine was an unexpected honour that validated my passion for art. The accompanying interview allowed me to share my artistic journey and delve into the depths of my creative process. It was a humbling experience that spurred me to further explore the boundaries of my artistic abilities.

Throughout the year, I immersed myself in dedicating time and effort to improving my language skills. My progress opened doors to deeper connections and enriched my experiences within the nation.

However, amidst the pursuit of personal growth, I am thankful for the kindness the Tai family has shown me. Their delightful four-year-old daughter captured my heart with her curiosity and creativity. Together, we discovered the joy of drawing, bridging cultures and languages through the universal language of art. Witnessing her happiness as we lit sparkler candle fireworks and exchanged traditional gifts reinforced the beauty of shared experiences. She was also happy about her otoshidama (お年玉) that I gifted her. Otoshidama is New Year's money given to children by adult relatives.

New Year's Eve unfolded in a noodle restaurant, where the comforting flavours of toshikoshi soba (年越しそば)nourished me. Among laughter and heartfelt conversations, we bid farewell to the old year, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new.

In the quiet darkness, we ventured to a nearby shrine for hatsumode (初詣), a tradition that marks the first shrine visit of the year. The sounds of bells echoed through the crisp winter air, infusing the surroundings with a sense of renewal. As I offered my wishes for the year ahead, profound gratitude enveloped me.

The transition from the old to the new year was marked by the captivating spectacle of the last sunset of 2020 and the first sunrise of 2021. Standing on the shoreline, amidst a sea of fellow seekers, I marvelled at the vibrant hues that painted the sky. It was a testament to the beauty of nature and a reminder that each day holds the promise of new beginnings. But it was definitely cold! I would much rather prefer to do this over a warm New Year's period (like I have been used to in South Africa).

As I embark on this fresh chapter, I carry with me many aspirations. I commit to nurturing my physical and mental well-being. I also commit to deepening my understanding of my environment and constantly learning. But above all, I strive to approach each day with an open heart, finding joy in the simplest of moments and embracing the unknown with unwavering optimism.

As I conclude this reflection, I extend warm birthday wishes to my dear brother, Thato, whose special day graced the early days of the new year on January 3rd. May his journey be filled with health, wealth, love, laughter, and countless reasons to celebrate.

Dear readers, as we venture into the uncharted waters of 2021, let us cherish the lessons of the past. Stay blessed.