MOTHER | お母さん


May 31st, 2020 Mother, pictured below, is my most recent drawing. It was a commission from Belgium for my goddaughter. At the time, she hadn't begun to speak yet. Ultimately, the theme was in her mother's hands. Having known the mother for a while, I had a feeling she would pick something along the lines of unicorns.

A baby unicorn is sheltered by the care, goodness, and love of her mother. In her world, everything is magical. A vivid splash of colour, fairies with bags of good fortune, and a bright allure in the sky are an everyday norm for this foal.

Motherhood seems so daunting and seems like a daily lesson. I wish for my friend to care for her daughter in the best way she can. May she create a magical world for her little one.

Medium: Pen, Indian Ink, Acrylic Paint, Pure Gold Leaf, Gold Dust, Swarovski Crystals

Paper: Country Mistral Paper

Please enjoy the slideshow below.